Start With A Template 

You can begin with this template rather than a blank sheet.  Use the formatting and formulas I use or customize it for your project.  I keep it simple but you can add sheets as you need.  I created this for my own projects and it has worked very well for me, over and over again.  The workbook has 4 sheets and can be used in either MS Excel, Google Sheets or any spreadsheet app.  Get your free template now so you can get working on choosing indicators rather than messing around designing a spreadsheet from scratch.

Get The 'Choosing Indicators' Template Here

Save Time & Money

No need to re-invent the wheel, use a proven template.

Customize It

You have full freedom to customize this workbook template to suit your needs.  Then save it as your own template and use it over and over again.

Tested And Proven

This template has helped me choose planning indicators for the last decade in all kinds of different scenarios.  Just download-update-deploy.


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