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CE Analytic Cumulative Effects Conference 2020 May 5th & 6th, 2020 Kamloops BC

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Do you have a Cumulative Effects Example to share? We are currently gathering top thought leaders and innovators who are actively bringing the latest cumulative effects ideas and strategies into action.

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Good jobs, a healthy environment and a high quality of life for us and our children. It’s what we all want but finding the right balance between the environment, the economy and people is a big challenge.  So, how do we go about planning for sustainable prosperity?

We know that “Business As Usual” isn’t cutting it.  Ongoing conflict and arguments over jobs vs clean water, pipelines vs salmon, and who gets to decide is dragging us down.  Fuelled by an oversimplified view of the world where there are only winners and losers, many of us feel like we are mired in deep mud - unable to move forward.  There has to be a better way! 

Good News!  There is a better way, we can create sustainable prosperity.  The CE Analytic Cumulative Effects Conference offers everyone a unique opportunity combining a diversity of knowledge and perspectives to discuss, share and learn about better ways to plan for sustainable prosperity by understanding the cumulative effects of multiple human land uses.  

Delegates at the conference will hear about using this knowledge to help protect our communities from the dangers of wildfire and floods which seem to be increasing with climate change.

Collaborative exploration is a powerful and efficient way to not only anticipate possible futures, but more importantly to develop innovative resilience strategies so we can adapt to change we know is inevitable, but not precisely predictable.”


  • new relationships, networks, and partnerships
  • action items that you can act on immediately to make a difference in your organization
  • a renewed sense of optimism and purpose to collaborate, to stand each other up and be stronger and more effective together than we can be on our own
  • new knowledge of methods, techniques, and approaches you can use

The answers to sustainability challenges and how to capitalize on new opportunities for prosperity starts with first understanding that the environment, people and the economy are all connected.  

This systems understanding is a critical factor in finding the best path forward for sustainability and a high quality of life.

We need to resist the urge to isolate one from the other, or worse, one industry or development from the full system - this is where we are getting stuck now.  Instead, taking a holistic approach, building upon the knowledge of our ancestors and utilizing new technology will shine a light on the path to our prosperous future.


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