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CFX 2020

CE Analytic Cumulative Effects Conference 2020 May 5th & 6th, 2020 At The Coast Kamloops Hotel & Conference Center, Kamloops BC

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Do you have a Cumulative Effects Example to share? Join the conversation.


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"Excellent conference with speakers that displayed great wisdom"

Bruce Greenfield

"I enjoyed the inclusion & indigenous focus. It was effective and done throughout. Great job with that!"

Kateri Koster

"Encouraging to see as much work and momentum around CEA happening."

"Very informative. I liked seeing all the work that is going on, and that there are many different models that can be used to study CE within our territory."

Jenny Allen

Meet Some of Our Speakers

Scott Bailey

Assistant Deputy Minister, Environmental Assessment Operations

Mark Cliffe- Phillips

Executive Director at Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board

Kenthen Thomas

Traditional Story Performer

Gord Chipman

Manager of Alkali Resource Management Ltd

David Savage

President of Savage Management Ltd. specializing in collaboration, negotiation, dispute resolution, facilitation, and business development

Matt Carlson

Ecologist at ALCES and Group Scenario Analysis for a Sustainable Future

Dave Nordquist

Adams Lake Indian Band Member,  Secwepemc Nation in the Interior of British Columbia Title and Rights, TUS and Special Projects Coordinator 

Dave Ramsay

Executive Director and Co-founder of the BC Tomorrow Society, High School Science Educator 

Barry Wilson

Systems Ecologist, and Principal at CE Analytic Ltd., Co-founder & President of BC Tomorrow Society

Karen Wilson

CFO, Principal and Video Coach | Strategist CE Analytic Ltd.

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CFX 2020 is more than a Conference - it’s a path to action. 

Your front row seat is a path to create the prosperous future we want while caring for the Earth that provides for us. 

We start with the understanding that everything is connected. This knowledge means that achieving prosperity today and for future generations hinges on applying a holistic, systems approach to managing our activities on the land and waters of Earth.

Attending CFX2020 will give you direct access to successful examples, case studies and the experts sharing them that you can’t get anywhere else. 

At CFX2020 we bring it all together in one place.


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