Untangle Cumulative Effects - Write Your Own Story

  • Learn with confidence; your experienced Coach is with you all the way
  • 24/7 online access to your own customized private learning website 
  • Learn at your own pace in your own space;  the 90-day ALCES Online trial provides flexibility to fit your training to your schedule
  • Add leading edge cumulative effects assessment and land use planning skills to your resume and boost your career
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Your Personal Coach

It's not easy learning alone - and you don't have to!   Includes 80 hours of live online coaching with Systems Ecologist Barry Wilson so learning is productive and enjoyable.  Barry's 14+ yrs experience using and teaching the ALCES platform puts him among the most experienced ALCES analyst instructors.  Barry has worked with industry, First Nations, government and the consulting sector. And if you need more hours - we can work that out too!

Your Private Learning Website

You'll have 24/7 access to your own private and safe learning website. Step by step lessons guide you from start to finish and keep track of what you've completed.  In addition to video tutorials, we'll record video of your live sessions with Barry so you can go back and review as you need.  We'll also provide a written transcript you can download.

ALCES Online 90-Day Trial Licence

You get private / secure access to your own ALCES Online account for 90-days with pre-loaded scenarios and indicators.  Simulate 50 yr scenarios; forecast existing indicators or create your own; view results in maps, graphs or create your own 3D or 4D scatterplots; export spreadsheets, maps, images or raw data.  Available in your office or mobile - you just need internet access.

Here's What You'll Learn

By taking this course, you'll enhance your cumulative effects assessment skills and be a leader in your field. You will gain proficiency and confidence using the tools to reduce the complexity of cumulative effects, to simulate cause and effect hypotheses, to test alternative strategies, and evaluate uncertainty. You will become the "go to" resource on your team for this knowledge.

You will learn how to take complex data and use it to tell the powerful stories of what the future can be and how to get there.

This unique opportunity with Barry is the first of its kind that gives you the hands-on instruction at your pace in your space. Combining this with the 1 on 1 support of an experienced instructor means that your learning experience will be a success. Barry's instruction goes beyond simply pressing buttons and producing maps.  You will learn how to explore the solution space and reduce the risk of unintended consequences.  You'll learn the principles of evaluating risk and uncertainty using these simulation tools.  You will gain insight and understanding about how you can use these tools to support your work in governance, to plan for and adapt to climate change, to draw guidance from traditional, historic knowledge and teachings, to use these powerful time machines to identify the best combination of strategies and tactics that lead to that delicate balancing point between the economy, the environment and people. 

Cumulative Effects is one of the biggest challenges facing people as we strive for sustainability and resilience in a rapidly changing world.  This training will launch you forward as a leader in this exciting field of work where you can make lasting and meaningful change.

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