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CE Analytic Cumulative Effects Conference

Kamloops British Columbia February 26th & 27th, 2019


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We've gathered top thought leaders and innovators who are actively bringing the latest cumulative effects ideas and strategies into action. Join the conversation.

Carol Anne Hilton

CEO and Founder of The Indigenomics Institute- a powerful platform for strengthening and building Indigenous economies.

Justin Straker

Soil Scientist and Forest Ecologist, and a Principal of the Integral Ecology Group in Victoria, British Columbia.

Michael Sullivan

Provincial Fish Science Specialist Fisheries Management Policy Environment and Parks


Dave Nordquist

Adams Lake Indian Band Member,  Secwepemc Nation in the Interior of British Columbia Title and Rights, TUS and Special Projects Coordinator 

Dave Ramsay

Executive Director and Co-founder of the BC Tomorrow Society, High School Science Educator in British Columbia for over 25 years.

Paula Doucette

Senior Environmental Advisor Transport Canada, Senior Environmental Advisor under the Oceans Protection Program


Ryan MacDonald

Hydrologist who has worked on multi-stakeholder projects applying river system models to help guide management decision making.


Kenthen Thomas

Traditional Story Performer, Kenthen captivates audiences with his fascinating retellings of Legends of the Secwepemc

CE Analytic Cumulative Effects Conference

Cumulative Effects Conference 

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There Has To Be A Better Way

  - and there is.  

The CE Analytic Cumulative Effects Conference 2019 is a deliberate effort to bring together diversity of knowledge and perspective to discuss, share and learn....more 


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