Our Vision


“Inspired and empowered people, organizations and nations living their desired future by using their knowledge of the cumulative effects, both benefits and costs, to guide our collective actions and choices today and in the future.”  


Our Mission


To assist our clients with planning and acting for their desired future by:

  • learning from the past, understanding the present and defining the future they want,
  • using innovation and new technology to help connect the dots of cause & effect to understand the cumulative effects of choices and actions, then using this knowledge to create plans & implement strategies for success, and
  • helping to build capacity & legacy.


Founded by Barry & Karen Wilson


CE Analytic is known for excellence in cumulative effects assessment, strategic planning, multi-stakeholder engagement, communications and multimedia production.

CE Analytic Ltd. is a 1% For The Planet Member Company donating 1% of total revenues to organizations working on sustainability.  The company also sponsors the BC Tomorrow Society, the Pacific Salmon Foundation and the Columbia Mountains Institute For Applied Ecology.


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