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Fail to get these right and you'll face criticism, public protests, litigation and project delays.

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"Barry is one of the most creative people I have worked with; he created a new path of research, with direct implications on real projects. "

Monica Radulescu Tudorache, Ph.D. P.Geo
Life Cycle Analyst - Hydrogeologist

"Barry’s knowledge of and passion for effective cumulative effects assessment is contagious. I enjoyed his podcasts and blogs on The Big 5 Threats to Grizzly Bears, ALCES Online, and Can We Re-Learn to Live with Wildfire? Barry’s teachings contributed to my continuous professional learning credits as a registered professional planner this year. I look forward to learning from and hopefully working with Barry in the future. Nice work, Barry!"

Matt Scouler
Senior Environmental Planner

"Barry changed the way I and many others thought about assessment of and planning for the cumulative effects of human activities, & effectively delivered the product our group needed. Barry cares deeply about this"

Justin Straker, M.Sc.
Principal, Integrated Ecology Group

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