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A little about me....

Barry J. Wilson, B.Sc.F, R.P.F.

Systems Ecologist | Event Speaker| Cumulative Effects Specialist

CE Analytic Ltd.

Cell: (250) 253-9333
email: [email protected] 
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Barry Wilson is a Systems Ecologist, an insightful and empowering Event Speaker, and Cumulative Effects Specialist with particular expertise in holistic land use planning. Barry’s 30+ years of experience in the Indigenous, industrial, government, and consulting sectors enables him to bring a unique systems perspective to balancing environmental, economic and social priorities. Barry’s inspirational team leadership is helping governments, not-for-profits and individuals unlock prosperity while caring for the earth that sustains us.

Barry has been specializing in building, using and teaching leading edge spatial and temporal simulation modelling in a scenario planning framework.  These tools are helping his clients better understand and manage the cumulative effects of land use, economic development, wildfire, avalanches, floods and climate change. 

While his geographic focus has been in British Columbia and Alberta Canada, his projects have taken him north to the Sahtu Region of the NWT, east to Saskatchewan and Ontario, and south to California.

Living and working in Secwepemcúl’ecw, Barry has been privileged to work closely with several Secwépemc communities on ground-breaking cumulative effects assessment for major Environmental Assessments including the proposed KGHM Ajax gold mine, twinning of the Trans Canada Highway and the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion. 

Through their consulting agency CE Analytic, Barry and his wife and business partner Karen Wilson promote the advancement of the Cumulative Effects discipline by hosting the annual 2-day CFX Conference and Awards Gala in Kamloops

Barry is also co-founder and President of the registered Charity - BC Tomorrow - who’s aim is to help students learn about sustainability in their own watersheds

"I’ve always had the big picture in my mind, like a map of where all the features are. It’s like a “Live” Google Earth in my head, always referencing the key features of the landscape, tracking their unique position in space and time, and where I am in relation to them. 

That’s how I got my trail name, ‘GPS’ – I seem to have a knack for knowing where we are, where we’ve come from and where everything else is."

"From the time I was 8 years old I wanted to fly fighter jets. Sitting in the front seat going faster than sound with my hair on fire; #awesome.

When I was 14, a construction accident took that opportunity away. But it also gave me the chance to learn one of the most valuable lessons of my life. I learned that you can write your own story and don’t have to accept business as usual. By knowing the big picture and how all the parts are connected, you can start with your destination in mind and then reverse engineer the steps needed to get there.

My passions are exploring the great outdoors, history, systems thinking, taking on a challenge and helping others. I have focused my 28 years of professional work on sustainability, integrated land management and understanding cumulative effects."

Barry shares his passions through this website, his work, live presentations, a podcast called The Virtual Time Machine and he's working on his YouTube Channel.Barry gives back by volunteering in Rotary, the BC Tomorrow Society, and various advisory appointments 

"I look forward to connecting with you".   -Barry


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