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2.3 pt1 - Marine Shipping Cumulative Effects - We discuss Canada's new Marine Shipping Cumulative Effects Framework. You can download the Draft Report "Evaluation of Cumulative Effects Assessment Methodologies For Marine Shipping" here: https://www.barryjwilson.com/pl/71078 We are talking about marine shipping cumulative effects - that's the cumulative effects of all our different shipping activities on and in our oceans. And we are going to take a look at I guess a "case study" from Canada in a project proposal process that is currently underway in light of a recent National Energy Board decision. Ultimately we are looking at how can we unlock economic prosperity by utilizing the natural resources that we have available to us while still caring for the earth that sustains us. And in order to do that, we are going to have to do a little homework and be a little bit creative.

2.2 - Everything Is Connected - So What?! - So everything is connected...how can we use that knowledge to help us protect our jobs and the economy?  How can we use it to make better decisions?  How can we use it to help us achieve sustainability.  Listen for answers.  If you liked this hit LIKE.  Subscribe so you don't miss an episode write your thoughts, ideas, suggestions for episodes etc here - thanks!

2.1 Good jobs, a healthy environment and a high quality of life for us and our children - How to know what to choose. How to know the best path forward How to get past the conflict of environment vs economy. This podcast offers insights, knowledge and solutions.  It starts with understanding systems and the cumulative effects of people interacting with the environment and the economies we create.

2.0 - Season 2 Restart - Join me for an engaging, eye opening, and instructive conversation about finding the right balance between the environment, economy and people.  Gain insight from experts.  Add your perspective. learn about cumulative effects. 

1.9 - The BIG 5 Threats To Grizzly Bears - It's Not Trophy Hunting  Curtailing the BC Grizzly Trophy Hunt has moral value for many – so much so it became an election promise in BC. BUT IT'S NOT WHAT IS THREATENING THIS SPECIES NOW. In this podcast you'll get information to get a limited time webinar offer to learn more about the cumulative effects of multiple overlapping land uses combined with significant natural disturbance and climate regime changes - and what we can do about it - to keep ursus arctos around. 

1.8 - The Trees Are Telling Us We Need More Wildfire Trees are some of our best time machines. They record history and reveal secrets about climate, weather and wildfire. They also reveal the cumulative effects of european settlement, fire policy and technological innovation on our ecosystems and public safety. Forest Ecologist Dr. Lori Daniels from the UBC Tree Ring Lab discusses the research that is decoding history recorded in the forest.

 Links mentioned in the Podcast:

Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan for Wildfire Management 2014 - 2024 FLNRO

Climate Change Adaptation Research Projects In Canada Spreadsheet

1.7 - So Cool For School!  BC Tomorrow is the hottest innovation in education - systems dynamics, time machines and fun learning at school!  

1.6 - ALCES Online Meet the founder and creators of the world's leading edge Cumulative Effects simulator, ALCES Online. Hear how this planning tool is being used around the world by planners and decision-makers.  It's my "go to" tool for cumulative effects - maybe it's a tool that can help you too. 

1.5 - Indigenomics  Guest Carol Anne Hilton, CEO of Transformation International shares key insights with you on the increasing power, potential and influence of Indigenous economies, Indigenous Rights & world view, the socio-economic opportunity of natural capital, cumulative effects, risk management and her new book "Indigenomics - A Global Power Shift" that will be published later this year!

1.4 Planning To Win.  Get out your paper and pencil - by answering some key questions I ask you'll be well on your way to identifying some critical success factors for your planning project or initiative! You'll also start to get a feel for the instruction style of the CE Playbook, an online course written for practitioners, decision-makers and planners to use cumulative effects knowledge to ensure project success.

1.3 - Collaborate & Break Through To Yes! As our landscapes get busier, collaboration becomes more and more critical to avoid unintended consequences. Join my friend David B Savage, a collaboration expert, author of Break Through To Yes and VoiceAmerica Podcast host as we discuss how to take advantage of collaboration for your land use planning success!

1.2 - Understanding Our Role & Influence On The Outdoors, Fish & Wildlife.  Guest Dean Trumbley, co-host of Bushnell's Trigger Effect TV - Understanding Our Role & Influence On The Outdoors, Fish & Wildlife

1.1 - Imagine If You Had A Time Machine...