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ce analytic awards cfx library cumulative effects Dec 21, 2020

"I wanted the book to be something with a lot of lasting power so I had to make sure that all the pieces were very cutting edge, you know, the latest thinking, the broadest kind of thinking that was going to do the most good to inspire people." - Dr. Jill Blakley, recipient of the 2020 CE Analytic Innovation Award.

As lead editor and contributor, Dr. Jill Blakley invested hundreds of hours and multiple years to pull together leading edge works from 46 authors across 9 countries to create The Cumulative Impact Assessment Handbook.  

Cumulative effects is a critical element of impact assessment worldwide.  This specialized discipline is relatively young compared with many fields of study and so a state-of-the art compendium on research, practice and thinking on cumulative impact assessment is a vital foothold for all those looking to improve assessment and practice.  

The volume is a high quality work of lasting significance providing a benchmark and a comprehensive overview of the research and current thinking contributed by leading academics and reflexive practitioners who are recognized as leaders in the field.  The handbook is in essence a critical assessment of the state of the art use of cumulative impact assessment across a variety of land use sectors including agriculture, energy, forestry, land use planning, mining, and transport.  

The handbook is international and multi-disciplinary in its approach and features a wide range of illustrative case examples, addresses contemporary and controversial issues, will contribute to current debate, and facilitates the ongoing study, practice and implementation of cumulative impact assessment.

In recognition of this tremendous accomplishment and the handbook becoming available in May 2021, Dr. Jill Blakley is the recipient of the 2020 CE Analytic Innovation Award. 

* CE Analytic CFX Innovation Award- - is given to an individual or group who is(are) developing a new method, idea or product that will result in better solutions for our future in the field of system dynamics and/or cumulative effects.