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Success Doesn't Just Happen, It's Planned

CFX 2020 Speaker Series | David Savage


David: I am David B Savage, author of seven books on collaboration and host of 45 podcasts on collaborative leadership. I'm just delighted to be part of the CFX 2020 I'm totally prepared for where we're going now.

My background is very diverse. Most of my background is starting and running and selling little oil and gas companies and doing that in a perspective that embraces the environment, embraces the community and what I will say in creating shared value which is one of my highest values I want to really land my purpose my presentation on designing our collaborations better.

It's taking me about 45 years of my career in oil and gas, in healthcare, in tourism and as a professional coach and a professional negotiator to realize I actually don't know very much.

Through that my focus is on collaboration and getting CFX 2020 participants to be way more effective.

Barry: David it was collaboration actually that brought us together the first time we met a very good friend of ours Kathy...

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It's not what happens, it's how you react that matters

I’m in control of my health. I try to eat nutritiously, exercise regularly, and get 8 hours of sleep. I remind myself daily to drink lots of water. I wash my hands after using the bathroom and before cooking. #normal

Just before Christmas I’m watching the news on TV and there is a report about a new, novel flu-virus in China – in Wuhan Province – literally an ocean away from me. It’s so far away from me it won’t affect me.

A lot of my stuff has a “Made In China” sticker on it. I wonder how many people arrive in Vancouver and Seattle every day from Asia on airplanes. Salmon Arm where I live is on the Trans Canada Highway, a 5-hour drive from Vancouver.

"We are in a slowly closing vice-grip"

4 or 5 tour buses come here every day with visitor from around the world. Our small city is a scheduled stop on many sightseeing vacation tours coming from Vancouver on a loop through the Roger’s Pass to the Rocky Mountains and...

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War In The Woods

Have you ever spent a whole bunch of time making a plan, and maybe not only a bunch of time, but a bunch of money putting together a very comprehensive plan for something that you want to do? And you've tried to do your due diligence. You to tried to cover all the bases, meet all the requirements, you feel like you thought about everybody’s perspective in putting together your plan. After a good long time and a fair bit of effort your plan is finally done. Then you go out and share it with a bunch of other people you think will be interested. In my experience doing that results in one of two different responses; either it’s total silence and I mean like crickets…… and nobody even wants to hear you,

Or worse, you get a bit of a backlash, or maybe some resistance or maybe even anger. Why does that happen? You know you’ve covered all the bases, you’ve met all the legal requirements, you try to do things with the best intent but it’s not...

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5 Actions To Earn Social License For Your Project

How can you get people on side and supporting your project and avoid being mired in conflict and resistance? Start by doing these 5 things:

1.    Be Grateful

  • Gratitude is the language of happiness. Being grateful will make you and all those around you happier and that will shine favourably on your project too
  • Showing appreciation for everyone’s contribution brings more meaning to the work, it increases everyone’s self esteem and this adds energy and enthusiasm
  • Humbleness makes it easier to network and removes opposition
  • Gratitude is the best attitude :)

2.    Have Integrity

  • Builds trust
  • Builds loyalty
  • Others will see you as a leader and they will share your ideas with others building momentum for your project
  • “Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching”

3.    Add Value

  • Invest in the place & people where you will do business.
  • Have a vested interest in the wellbeing...
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US Election A Reminder - Nobody Has A Crystal Ball

None of us has a crystal ball we can use to predict the future. Our ability to anticipate future outcomes is limited by our understanding of the complex systems we are a part of. And these systems are in constant flux - subject to both cyclical and random disruptors. The outcome of the US Election is a good reminder for us that our understanding of these systems is shallow and uncertainty is real. Despite 24 hour/day monitoring, researching and discussion for 18 months – the experts were not able to predict what happened.

And yet, we know that the choices we make today will directly influence the outcomes of the future. So, how do we go about planning for an unpredictable future with less than a full understanding of the dynamics at play? Well, to start there are 5 key drivers of change that need to be considered; social, economic, ecological, technical and political. And rarely do these drivers act independently either – it is usually a mix...

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Splendour Without Diminishment

We British Columbians have a common vision for our future – one that sees us benefit and enjoy the land, air and waters that sustain us today – but one that also recognizes that today’s use of these resources must be tempered by the knowledge that we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, rather we borrow it from our children. This common vision is reflected in our commitment to sustainable development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It’s even deftly captured in the Provincial motto of BC – Splendor Sine Occasu – translated from Latin to mean Splendor Without Diminishment. 

And despite this awareness, the path towards our future seems strewn with conflict, misunderstanding, mistrust and frustration. Disagreement over land use is one of the biggest sore spots. Whether it is the conflict at Burnaby Mountain over Kinder Morgan’s pipeline survey work,...

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A 3 Point Plan To Fix Environmental Assessments In Canada


Prime Minister, you are right, Canada's environmental assessment (EA) process needs a major overhaul.  The current process leaves everyone feeling muzzled, confined and lacking trust.  Here's a 3 - point plan to fix EA's in Canada: 

  1. Make the process inclusive from the beginning
  2. Get cumulative effects assessments right
  3. Seek solutions that balance the three pillars of sustainability - economy, society, and environment. 

If we can get these 3 right, then we'll be well on our way to rebuiling trust from Canadians, building buy-in for responsible resource development and respecting the rights of those most affected.

The root of current mistrust and conflict in the resource development arena lies in restrictive land use decision-making processes that exclude many Canadians and that are not adequately examining the cumulative effects of all land uses and natural disturbances across meaningful time and space. Here’s how we change that.

First, let’s...

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