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"I wanted the book to be something with a lot of lasting power so I had to make sure that all the pieces were very cutting edge, you know, the latest thinking, the broadest kind of thinking that was going to do the most good to inspire people." - Dr. Jill Blakley, recipient of the 2020 CE Analytic Innovation Award.

As lead editor and contributor, Dr. Jill Blakley invested hundreds of hours and multiple years to pull together leading edge works from 46 authors across 9 countries to create The Cumulative Impact Assessment Handbook.  

Cumulative effects is a critical element of impact assessment worldwide.  This specialized discipline is relatively young compared with many fields of study and so a state-of-the art compendium on research, practice and thinking on cumulative impact assessment is a vital foothold for all those looking to improve assessment and practice.  

The volume is a high quality work of lasting significance...

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Dr. Brad Stelfox Awarded the 2020 CE Analytic Mastermind Award

ce analytic awards Dec 16, 2020

The CE Analytic Mastermind Award is given to an individual or group who is(are) planning and implementing an ingenious and possibly complex project, activity or enterprise that is bringing about positive change.  Think of it as a big idea born and implemented.

The recipient of the 2020 CE Analytic Mastermind Award was already working on one of the world’s biggest systems challenges - how to shape human land use for sustainability - way back in the early 1990’s.  He was trying to figure out how humans could shape their land use activities to more sustainable trajectories.  As a systems thinker, he experienced first-hand the difficult challenge of sifting through and distilling a massive amount of data, permutations, combinations and probabilities.  There had to be a better way to do the mathematical heavy-lifting needed.

I first met Dr. Brad Stelfox in the year 2000 when I was a delegate at a United Nations Sustainability Conference in Prince...

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CFX 2020 Speaker Series | David Savage


David: I am David B Savage, author of seven books on collaboration and host of 45 podcasts on collaborative leadership. I'm just delighted to be part of the CFX 2020 I'm totally prepared for where we're going now.

My background is very diverse. Most of my background is starting and running and selling little oil and gas companies and doing that in a perspective that embraces the environment, embraces the community and what I will say in creating shared value which is one of my highest values I want to really land my purpose my presentation on designing our collaborations better.

It's taking me about 45 years of my career in oil and gas, in healthcare, in tourism and as a professional coach and a professional negotiator to realize I actually don't know very much.

Through that my focus is on collaboration and getting CFX 2020 participants to be way more effective.

Barry: David it was collaboration actually that brought us together the first time we met a very good friend of ours Kathy...

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CFX 2020 Speaker Series | Jill Blakley


Jill My name is Jill Blakley and I'm a Professor of Geography and Planning
at the University of Saskatchewan and I’ve been there about 9 or 10 years. I am cross appointed to the school of environment and sustainability at our university and in addition to my academic work I have been consulting for a little over 20 years.

I work in the areas of natural resources management and environmental impact assessment with a specialty in cumulative effects.

My research program involves students from both the department of geography and planning and the school of environment and I find that we attract a bit of a different audience under the school’s banner . The reason why is that it's extremely interdisciplinary so we end up with people who want training in environmental impact assessment but who come from all types of backgrounds including architecture,  planning including and all kinds of things to do with remote-sensing and you name it.

Their backgrounds are...

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It's not what happens, it's how you react that matters

I’m in control of my health. I try to eat nutritiously, exercise regularly, and get 8 hours of sleep. I remind myself daily to drink lots of water. I wash my hands after using the bathroom and before cooking. #normal

Just before Christmas I’m watching the news on TV and there is a report about a new, novel flu-virus in China – in Wuhan Province – literally an ocean away from me. It’s so far away from me it won’t affect me.

A lot of my stuff has a “Made In China” sticker on it. I wonder how many people arrive in Vancouver and Seattle every day from Asia on airplanes. Salmon Arm where I live is on the Trans Canada Highway, a 5-hour drive from Vancouver.

"We are in a slowly closing vice-grip"

4 or 5 tour buses come here every day with visitor from around the world. Our small city is a scheduled stop on many sightseeing vacation tours coming from Vancouver on a loop through the Roger’s Pass to the Rocky Mountains and...

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CFX 2020 Speaker Series | Gord Chipman


Gord:  I'm Gord Chipman I'm a Registered Professional Forester and for the last 10 years now I've been working for the Esketemc people managing their forest tenures for them.

Barry: Can you describe for people where Esketemc is? 

Gord:  The Esketemc - the people of the white hills are adjacent to the Fraser River. They’re on the east side of the Fraser River about 50 km south of Williams Lake. Esketemc is one of the many Bands within the Secwepemc. 

Barry :Our conference CFFX2020 is kind of really in the heart of Secwépemcúl’ecw in Kamloops. And Esketemc would be one of the more northern communities of the
of the nation right?

Gord: They’re one of the northern bands and they're also very cultural and they believe
they carry along a lot of the traditions within the Secwépemc people and yeah it's a great place to work it's a great environment here.

I manage a company for them called Alkali Resource...

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CFX 2020 Speaker Series | Mirella Ramsay


Introducing the CFX2020 Speaker Interview series.

Get to know the speakers before the event. First up is Mirella Ramsay, founder of The Mirella Project.

Mirella: My name is Mirella Ramsay. I am 18 years old. I am from Salmon Arm British Columbia, and currently attending Okanagan College here in Salmon Arm. Unsure of what my degree will be, but those will details will come later.

I've been going to school now for two years and working towards bringing environmental issues to the forefront of what youth and young adults talk about, but also understanding the importance of acting on our intentions rather than just talking about them and working really hard.

And so from that, I kind of started my own environmental nonprofit, which has been pretty fun.

Barry : Which you called the Mirella project.

Mirella: Right.

Barry: Now we are making choices today that will influence our future generations for a long time to come.

Mirella: Totally. And so like kind of...

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Outstanding Achievement Rewarded At The CFX Conference 2019

"How did the conference go? " That has been the question I've been asked many times this week.

My answer "Really great" has been an understatement. 

We are truly humbled by the tremendous turnout, engagement and positive networking at the 2019 CFX Conference

With 70 conference participants, a world-class faculty of speakers, a neutral setting that invited open and honest engagement about challenges and opportunities, and a beautiful meeting place with an outdoor terrace and entire wall of glass overlooking the Thompson Rivers University campus, Kamloops and the South & North Thompson River valleys - everyone left inspired and informed, with ideas for action, new colleagues and strengthened friendships.

We were inspired as 4 CE Analytic Awards were handed out to very deserving recipients: The Mastermind Award, Next Generation Award, Innovation Award and Leadership Award.  

The Mastermind Award 

The recipient of the...

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Introducing the CE Analytic Awards

ce analytic awards May 21, 2019

Karen and I are excited to have the opportunity to recognize outstanding achievement as an important part of the CFX Conference.  We will be presenting 4 awards each year in the following categories :

1. Mastermind Award
2. Next Generation Award
3. Innovation Award
4. Leadership Award

CE Analytic Mastermind Award - is given to an individual or group who is(are) planning and implementing an ingenious and possibly complex project, activity or enterprise that is bringing about positive change.  Think of it as a big idea born and implemented.

CE Analytic Next Generation Award- - is given to an individual or group who is(are) teaching and empowering the next generation to understand systems dynamics, giving them the skills they will need to find the solutions of tomorrow.

CE Analytic Innovation Award- - is given to an individual or group who is(are) developing a new method, idea or product that will result in better solutions for our future in the field of system dynamics...

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Create The Life You Want

A year ago, Karen and I pushed a pin into the roadmap of our life and declared “next stop, the TCS New York City Marathon, 2018”. We tapped SUBMIT on the website instantly sending our order to Dream Travel Canada for two guaranteed entries to the November 2018 event. A wave of warm energy, excitement and expectation washed through me – I was literally tingling.

I immediately got on my iPhone and purchased Sinatra’s New York, New York, then put on my running gear and headphones, and burst out the door into a cool November afternoon. I walked and ran for an hour – listening to Frank, over and over again.

Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today. I want to be a part of it, New York, New York….these “running shoes”, are longing to stray, right through the very heart of it, New York, New York….

As I write this, butterflies return just thinking about that day. This wouldn’t be just...

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